I am dyslexic and although an established writer of poetry, short stories and works for the stage I never imagined I would be able to write a novel – too many words and nasty things like commas and paragraphs. Alison not only managed to help me put those things in the right places but also provided informed, experienced and qualified editorial guidance for my first book, then my second book and then my third. She managed all of this in a way that was accessible, understandable and protected my ego. Writing these books has been one of the best experiences of my life and Alison has made an invaluable contribution to that experience.
Rachel McJury, Author: The Raven Trilogy
Alison is an indie author’s secret weapon. I hired her to read the manuscript for my fifth novel, Clara’s Way, because it’s the first time I tackled historical fiction. Her insight regarding voice, character development, and location description was spot on. She nudged me out of my comfort zone by providing specific feedback in a straightforward, professional manner. I went on to hire her to do more development editing as I enhanced the story.
Kirkus Reviews called this novel a “Well-crafted fiction that offers little-known details about Panama Canal history.” Alison’s considerable talents helped me earn this accolade. I learned so much from her and will carry that learning into future projects. I’ll definitely use her services again.

Roberta Carr, Author: Clara’s Way

Alison was very sensitive to the tone of my writing and very supportive of the subject of my book. It was a relief to find an editor who was so accomplished, communicative, full of ideas for deepening and improving the plot, and who also stuck to deadlines. I recommend her highly.

Ann Unseen, Author: The Invisible Army

Thank you, Alison, for your incredibly detailed critique of my original non-fiction manuscript. The help and support provided by you was invaluable in improving my book dramatically in ways that I couldn’t have done on my own. You have carried out accurate and insightful editing with exceptional attention to detail, and managed to weed out any superfluous information, which made my book more user friendly. I also appreciate your professional approach and highly recommend your services.

Steph Adam, Author: The Dream Interpreters: Which One or None?

I have used many professional manuscript services, but Alison Williams goes above and beyond the others. Not only do you get a succinct report with constructive advice on how to improve your writing, but you also receive a fully edited novel which makes the dreaded redrafting process so much easier. I’d definitely use Alison’s services again.

Rossa McPhillips, Author: The Contact

I initially had some reservations about Alison Williams because I have only used editors who specialize in my topic. But not only was she incredibly thorough and insightful, she was able to bring a fresh perspective to the editing that I feel certain will expand my target audience. And, my gosh! She works so quickly! I recommend her highly for any genre.

Lynn Woodland, Author: The Breakthrough Point—A Spiritual Activist’s Guide to Thriving in a Modern World

Many, many thanks again for your excellent and professional editing services. Your revision notes are meticulous, sensitive and intelligent.

Carol Jones, Author: Driffield Road

Thank you so much for the excellent job you did on my manuscript; your report was invaluable and taught me a lot about my writing.

Janine Caroline, Author: I Look at You and Smile

Alison uses her considerable talents to make every manuscript the best it can be. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and learned a great deal in the process.

Margaret Dardess, Author: Brutal Silence

I can’t praise Alison enough. She is extremely helpful and her editing skills are brilliant. Alison’s suggestions are all relevant and positive. Highly recommended.

Martin Heseltine, Author: Journey Into Darkness

As a first time author, no sooner had I finished writing than I felt ready for publication. Luckily for me, it was at that point I found Alison Williams. If it hadn’t been for her careful editing, I would have produced something both substandard and not a little embarrassing. 

Alison is everything you’d expect in an editor, and more. She replies promptly, offers competitive rates and went on to complete the edits of my novella within only a few days. Not only were her amendments and suggestions highly detailed, they were absolutely what I needed to complete the book in a professional manner.The real bonus for me was Alison’s detailed appraisal of the story as a whole. I’ll admit that her suggestions to expand certain areas of the plot were initially greeted with a groan – “Will this thing never end!”, but without a doubt, my book is better now because of it.

The decision to use Alison was critical in producing something I could be proud of. I simply cannot recommend her enough.

Chris Redfern, Author:COLT-45

Having written our first book we realised we needed help and guidance with editing and publishing. Alison provided us with a prompt and professional service. She gave us constructive advice and guidance throughout. We would highly recommend using Alison’s services.

Patricia and Nigel Reynolds (book due out soon)

I was lucky enough to discover Alison through a small advert in The Writers Forum magazine. I contacted her about my manuscript and since then she has provided a timely, efficient and skilled review of my book. We have communicated regularly and Alison takes the time to clearly explain how she works and the results that she provides. My manuscript has been transformed – not only by her ability to spot even the smallest grammatical errors but her advice on plot, characterisation and setting have made a huge difference to the overall feel and quality of my book. Her fees are excellent value for money too given the time and attention she spends providing her reports and analysis. I am delighted to have chosen her to edit my book and intend to continue to use her services until my book is published. If you are looking for a frank, practical and skilled review of your manuscript, I recommend Alison unreservedly.

Paul Harris, Author: The Man With Scarlet Socks

You need Alison! She is perfect for self-publishers; not only is she here to help you with issues with your manuscript, she knows things that I guarantee you don’t. Not only did she send back my edits days before she said they would be done, she did a wonderful job and offered suggestions that helped make my book better. Alison is easy to work with, professional and I am eager to use her again for my future books. Your book deserves to be perfect. After all the time you put into writing it, you’re selling yourself short if you don’t use Alison as your editor. I couldn’t be more happy with her work, and she has my full recommendation.

Quil Carter, Author: The Fallocaust Series

I was most impressed with the way in which you combined your criticism with positive feedback that I can use to improve the manuscript.  I shall certainly work to improve those areas that you highlighted, and I’m sure that the book will benefit greatly from your undoubted expertise and professionalism (I was most impressed that you delivered the edit on the day that you promised!).  I wouldn’t hesitate to ask you to work your magic on my next book.

Nigel Holloway, Author: ‘Such Heights of Evil’  (The McAllister Chronicles – Parts I & II available from Amazon and for the Nook)

I can make an unreserved recommendation that you consider Alison for her editing service. She has provided me with a first class analysis and edit which I can only describe as very constructive. I am sure it has transformed an otherwise mediocre text into something readable. Her observations have enabled me to see characters that needed development and abandon strands that lead nowhere.

Douglas Wallis, Author: The Ackroyd Saga

I am so pleased to have connected with you. I was a bit nervous about working with an editor, but when I read your report (which arrived ahead of schedule!), I knew that you knew your stuff. Thank you for your corrections and suggestions, your input greatly improved my manuscript. I would wholeheartedly recommend your editorial services to others.

Helen Kalmans, Author

Working with Alison was extremely beneficial to my work. She was prompt, professional, and extremely thorough. She provided me with excellent support and feedback for my manuscript to get it where I wanted it to be. She edited my first ever book and rescued me from being somewhat lost in the oblivion of not really having a clue of what to do. I figured my book probably needed editing, but I wasn’t sure how or what. I also assumed there were only going to be a few typos and boy was I surprised to see how much I had missed! Beyond the basic typos, there were quite a few things she saw in my book that I had not even noticed. When I made the necessary adjustments to my storyline the entire story was much improved and made much more sense. She was able to spot out important inconsistencies that I was not because I was just too close to my own writing. As a writer, it is imperative to have a good set of eyes to help us take our work to the next level and Alison really does that. Her helpful suggestions and encouragement will be an asset to me as I go forward in my writing career. I was beyond pleased with the work that I received and would absolutely use her services again.

Elle Vaughn, Author: Taming Anna

Searching for an editor can be tough, especially for an indie author. There is much to take into consideration; such as quality of the editor’s work, their experience, their cost and the time frame in which you want your finished manuscript. For me I got lucky, very lucky. Alison made things very simple for me from the word go and delivered a fully edited manuscript in a formidably short space of time at an affordable price. There was never any doubt as Alison was not only consistent from start to finish, she was professional, responsive to emails/requests and, most important of all, honest and sincere when giving feedback and guidance. I am hoping to have a very long writing career and I will definitely be glad to have an editor like Alison by my side along the way.

Joe Walker, Author: ‘Ethriel: Blood Bonds (Thundous) (available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk)

I can’t thank Alison enough. Not only did she help me with taking my story where I wanted it to go, she also trimmed my blurb of all its fat, and patiently answered the ton of questions I had. I will definitely turn to her for all my projects.

Scheherazade Legault, Author: ‘Nocturne’

There are many editors out there, but if you want the best, go to Alison. Working with her was easy and rewarding, and the critique she gave of my manuscript was timely and honest. She will pull no punches, but then, why would you want her to? You want your book to be the best it can be, right? You want your readers to get the best possible story you can produce, right? You want five-star reviews on Amazon and GoodReads, right? Well, it all starts here. I cannot recommend Alison any more highly.

Patrick Hodges, Author: ‘Joshua’s Island’ (available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com)

Alison does a fantastic job! Her editing is thorough and to the point. She made me feel comfortable with the whole editing process and she’s easy to work with and very professional. I was scared to open my files when I got them back, but I am very pleased with the finished product and the feedback I’ve been getting. I will be contacting her for my editing needs again and again. She’s simply amazing and I highly recommend her!

C.A. Jonelle, Author: ‘Zaryk: Book One in the Twisted Epiphany Series’ (available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com)



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