What will I need to send you?

You will need to email your manuscript to me as a word document as I will use the track changes facility to annotate your work, ensuring that you can easily see where I have made recommendations and made changes.

Should I format my manuscript in any particular way?

Yes. Please ensure your manuscript is double-spaced and the font used is Times New Roman, font size 12.

What are your payment terms?

If you are in the UK then I prefer to take payment through bank transfer or by cheque. Outside of the UK, I take payment through PayPal.

When you make a booking, I’ll give you an estimate of cost based on word count. I’ll then ask for a 50% payment based on this figure to secure the booking. When your edit/proofread is complete, I’ll invoice you for the remaining balance due.

A note on editing

Please note that although I will be extremely thorough with your manuscript, I cannot guarantee that I will catch every single typo or minor error – no editor can guarantee that they can do this and I would be wary of anyone who claims that they can. Also, my editing and suggestions do not guarantee that your book will sell, will be an overnight success or will bring in a six-figure book deal from a top publisher. Any editors who claim they can achieve this for you should be given a very wide berth. What I can guarantee is that I will go over your work thoroughly, will work with you in an honest and open way to help you make your book the best it can be, and will do my best to ensure that when you do hit ‘publish’ you are completely happy with your book.

Fill in the form below if you have any further questions or to request a quote. Alternatively, you can email me at alisonewilliams@sky.com


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