An Update #writing #editing

It’s been ages since I have posted on the blog, so I thought an update was in order!

I have been lucky enough to work on lots of wonderful editing projects, and they have kept me incredibly busy. What has been especially lovely this year is that I have taken on lots of new clients who have got in touch because other clients have recommended me. It’s a huge privilege to help writers bring out the best in their manuscripts – manuscripts that mean so much to them – and I am so lucky to have a business that I love.

I have also dipped my toe into a new venture – ghost writing. I am working on a project with a lovely client right now and am enjoying writing again. I’m planning to take on more clients, so if you would be interested in this service, do get in touch. I am offering a discounted rate at the moment as this is a new venture, in exchange for honest reviews. I’ll be adding more information as I work through this initial project and hope to have a new blog for this aspect of the business in the very near future.

On a personal level, the summer was incredibly busy. Both children were home so there was a lot going on (and a lot of washing!). Both have now gone back to London, so the house is very quiet. Scott has gone back to Kings College to start a PhD in Film and Philosophy, and Jess has begun her fourth year at the Royal Veterinary College.

We found ourselves down to our last rescue chicken out of six – so of course decided to take on another five. Sylvia is the last survivor of our original six (she was the smallest and weakest of the bunch, but outlived them all!) and has been joined by Flora, Indigo, Ned, Keith and Lavender. This is what happens when everyone is allowed to choose a name.

We also spent a lot of time building and insulating an outside house for Gus the tortoise. This included having an outside plug socket installed for a heater and a lamp. You might think a tortoise only needs a tortoise table but if you buy a baby tortoise, then please do a lot of research. They have very specific needs if they are to grow properly and be healthy. When I was a child people bought tortoises and left them in the garden to their own devices. But these tortoises would have been imported as fully grown adults, so their needs were completely different to what is required if you have a baby tortoise. Without the right environment, they can suffer from horrible deformities to their shells. When you buy a tortoise, you often aren’t given the right information – so do make sure you research thoroughly. In my opinion, it’s honestly best not to have one as a pet. But now we do have Gus it’s down to us to make sure he has the best life.

We decided that life was too simple with two and a half dogs (Belle the cocker spaniel spends term time in London with Jess), so we decided to offer to foster for Galgos del Sol. Jasper came to us at the end of June. He’s three and a half and has only been in the UK a few months. His new home didn’t work out for him and so we were supposed to foster him until a place come up in rescue kennels. Of course, the inevitable happened, and we fell in love with the great big goofy boy, and he’s staying with us for good.

So it’s hardly surprising I haven’t had much time for the blog – but I have several book reviews going up in the next few days, and will be back to posting editing and writing tips and advice next week.

In the meantime, here’s Jasper.

I am an experienced editor, and have worked on more than five hundred projects in a variety of genres including dystopian, romance, memoir, erotica, YA, fantasy, short stories, poetry and business. I am happy to edit in either UK or US English. 

I have a first degree in English Language and Literature and a master’s degree in creative writing.

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