‘The Assistant’ by S.K. Tremayne #BookReview #FridayReads

She watches you constantly.
Newly divorced Jo is delighted to move into her best friend’s spare room almost rent-free. The high-tech luxury Camden flat is managed by a meticulous Home Assistant, called Electra, that takes care of the heating, the lights – and sometimes Jo even turns to her for company.
She knows all your secrets.
Until, late one night, Electra says one sentence that rips Jo’s fragile world in two: ‘I know what you did.’ And Jo is horrified. Because in her past she did do something terrible. Something unforgivable.
Now she wants to destroy you.
Only two other people in the whole world know Jo’s secret. And they would never tell anyone. Would they? As a fierce winter brings London to a standstill, Jo begins to understand that the Assistant on the shelf doesn’t just want to control Jo; it wants to destroy her.

This is such an excellent premise for a novel. How reliant we have all become on technology, when most of us don’t really understand it or what we’re signing up for. The idea that all those Alexas could turn on us has so much potential.

This has all the elements necessary for a real page-turner. And there are parts of it that work really well. The terror that Jo begins to feel builds and builds and there is real tension. Her frustration and her helplessness in the face of what the Electra’s are able to do to her work, her reputation, her family, her life comes across clearly.

However, there is too much here that just doesn’t feel realistic. Jo isn’t easy to like, and it’s hard to understand why everyone else is so enamoured of her (to the extent that one friend lets her live rent free in their flat, and her newly ex-husband drops his wife and new baby to help her out). The way she treats her mum is awful. And I was quite disappointed in the ending.

So lots of promise that didn’t quite hit the mark for me, but worth a read.



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