‘Long Bright River’ by Liz Moore #BookReview

Once inseparable, sisters Mickey and Kacey are on different paths, but they walk the same streets. Mickey on her police beat and Kacey in the shadows of the city’s darkest corners where the drug addicts and sex workers preside. When a string of murders coincides with Kacey’s disappearance, Mickey is terrified her sister could be next. 

But in a community where death and murder is rife, will Mickey be able to save her sister before it’s too late? 

This is very much more than a police procedural – it’s full of complex, authentic characters, and at the heart there’s a story about family, loss, poverty and hardship.

Mickey is a well-drawn and likeable main character and this is very much her story. Her love and concern for her sister feels authentic and you really want to keep reading, to find out what has happened to her and for both to have a happy ever after, however far-fetched that might feel against the back drop of drug-riddled, crime-ridden, inner city Philadelphia.

I was concerned that there might be judgement here, but drug issues and addiction are treated compassionately and realistically, with sympathy for those caught up in a system that puts the most vulnerable in society at risk.

Heartfelt and well-written, a recommended read.



  1. Alison, Based on your positive review, I’m reading Long Bright River. Liz Moore’s storytelling is very like Tana French’s books on the Dublin Murder Squad and I am a fan of those.
    I’m bothered by Moore’s not using quotation marks for dialogue. I thought you had discussed this in one of your Tips for Writing posts but am unable to find it.
    Thanks for those tips and for your honest book reviews.

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    1. You’re very welcome, Chuck. I think that Moore’s way of setting out dialogue is clear enough that it works without speech marks. I never felt that I didn’t know who was speaking, it was all clearly delineated. Hope you’re enjoying the book 🙂


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