London Calling: the personal and political in Watch Dogs: Legion

Boy in a Well

So far, the only thing I’ve really lost during the COVID crisis is a job and a flat, both in London. A whole host of factors meant that my best option was to move home to Wales and ride the pandemic out with my family, in a pretty empty rural area in relative financial security. Already that makes me incredibly privileged, to have even had that option in the first place. Indeed, it feels incredibly selfish to even consider yourself at a time of such gargantuan problems. Who cares that I can’t get coffee on the Strand when so many hundreds of thousands have suffered and passed; when we teeter on the edge of an EU exit during a plague-induced recession; when Tory MPs have embezzled an estimated billion pounds of public money through phoney PPE contracts. As usual there are bigger problems, worse problems, than my problems.

But if…

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