Introducing Rosie’s Review-A-Book Challenge #RRABC

Did you know that 99% of the reading public never post a review for a book?

At Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team (six years and going strong!), we often look at ways to encourage more people to review.  This autumn, Rosie has planned a Review-A-Book Challenge, with a great list of books to choose from, all free of charge to anyone serious about writing a review for her blog – and possibly joining the review team, if you enjoy the process.
Each day for a week or so, she will feature articles on how to write simple reviews, on choosing a star rating, and many more.  The challenge is open to all, from experienced reviewers to those who have never written one.  If this has piqued your interest and you would like to take a look at the books on offer, please click here.

I’ve been part of Rosie’s Review Team since the beginning and I’ve read some wonderful books that I would never have known about otherwise. Other team members have also become good friends, and it’s lovely to be part of a network of readers, writers, reviewers and bloggers who all share a love of books. The challenge is a great opportunity to get involved.

Autumn is the perfect time to curl up with a good book, and goodness knows we could all do with a bit of escapism at the moment – so give the challenge a go, you just might discover your new favourite author.



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