A Week of Book Reviews: ‘The Covenant’ by @ThorneMoore #BookReview #RBRT

I read ‘The Covenant’ for Rosie’s Book Review Team.

What a fabulous book! The way women were expected to live in the not all that distant past has always fascinated me, and I love stories about those who endeavour to live their best lives in the face of so much misogyny and poverty.

The location appealed to me too as the novel is set close to where I live – the villages of Cilgerran and Boncath are both ten minutes away so it was very easy for me to imagine Leah’s world.

The author depicts this world so clearly, with beautiful, evocative description that doesn’t weigh the narrative down. There’s such a strong sense of time and place and a real authenticity throughout.

The novel shows how precarious life was for tenanted farmers; an accident, an illness, and everything could be lost. And no matter how strong, how intelligent, how capable, if you were a woman, your life was defined by duty – to your father, to your husband, your brother, the church. 

Despite this, Leah is so full of life – she’s an absolute pleasure to read. She’s strong, she’s intelligent, she’s resourceful and determined, but she also dreams and laughs and loves. You’re willing her to find the life and the happiness she so deserves.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author, and it definitely won’t be the last.

Highly recommended.

Available from Hive.


  1. I loved this book too, Alison! So much that I’ve bought the prequel. I read an collection of novellas by TM called Long Shadows, that I loved, too.

    The only thing I didn’t like (and this is not a criticism of the book IN ANY WAY) was that it was so damn depressing! Leah’s joyless, almost completely loveless life, given up to a mythical being and that sense of duty – I so longed for her to break out, all the way through.

    But then she did 😉 😀

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