Day: February 13, 2017

When does “NO” really mean “YES”? #Bookblogger #MondayBlogs #RBRT

Another great post about book bloggers – and the attitude of some writers out there (plus a lovely dog :))

Barb Taub

And we need to keep saying this WHY?

Today Rosie Amber’s fabulous book review blog hosts a post by writer and reviewer Terry Tyler:  #Bookblogger bashing: in the end, you’re only hurting yourself

As always, Terry spares no punches in stating what should be obvious.

If a book blogger accepts your book, but gives it a less than positive review, it’s for this reason only:

She didn’t think it was very good.

Terry’s post is a must read for both book bloggers and anyone considering submitting their books for review. Please check it out here.

It is particularly timely for me, because I have YET AGAIN just contacted an author whose book I had accepted for review. I told him that the book blurb did not, in fact, accurately reflect the content, which I not only found personally offensive, but which I had specifically indicated in my submission guidelines…

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#Bookblogger bashing: in the end, you’re only hurting yourself #MondayBlogs

An excellent post about book bloggers/reviewers and what they sometimes have to put up with from authors. Thanks Rosie and Terry 🙂

Rosie Amber

Today I’m hosting a post written by Terry Tyler which I feel strongly about aswell.


#Bookblogger bashing: in the end, you’re only hurting yourself.

I’ve read a few posts lately about book bloggers being bullied or ‘trolled’ by writers for whom they have received bad reviews, or whose books they have rejected.  For more on this, here’s a heartrending post from The Happy Meerkat, and an associated one on Fictionophile about whether or not reviews should be objective or personal opinion, amongst other things.

Like 99% of the rest of the online writer/reader/blogger/reviewer community, I’m appalled that bloggers who give up their time to read books by total strangers, for no payment, are receiving such harassment.

I write this from the point of view of a writer, and a book reviewer.  Although my own book review blog is mostly for my own reading choices, I’m also a member of

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