‘Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat’ by Philip Lymbery #BookReview #TuesdayBookBlog

In honour of World Vegan Day here’s my review of ‘Farmageddon’. It might not make you go vegan (I’m trying!!!!!) but it will make you think and might help you make small changes that can benefit farm animals and everyone else. I really do recommend it.

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A caveat before I begin this review – a very long time ago I worked for Compassion in World Farming. I’m also a non-dairy consuming pescatarian (occasionally eat fish but definitely no meat and no dairy or eggs) and am still a supporter of CIWF. Philip Lymbery is the CEO of CIWF, a charity that campaigns to end factory farming and to improve the welfare of farm animals around the world.

‘Farmageddon’ is a thought-provoking and very readable account of what is going on in the farming industry worldwide and how that not only has consequences for the animals but also for all of us. I have to be honest, I have a lot more respect for livestock farmers than I do for meat eaters who pop into the supermarket, buy a £2.99 chicken for dinner and don’t for one second think about how that chicken was…

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