Hi, my name is Erin, and I have a mental illness.

It's Fine.

I have bipolar disorder.

This is not the best way to start a conversation, maybe, but it certainly does separate the wheat from the chaff.

You get a lot of different reactions when you tell people you have a mental illmess. Some people will act surprised (“WHAAAAAT?? But you seem FINE!”), or try to relate (“I’m so moody and random, I’m probably bipolar too!”), or awkwardly change the subject. Some people will be awesome and understanding. Some people will use it against you every time you get angry or sad. Some people will use it to discredit you (“Well, sure, she said that, but you know she’s bipolar, right?”), and others will use it as a reason to disappear from your life entirely. It’s okay. Let them go. Those are not the people you need to have around you anyway.

I didn’t receive my diagnosis until I was an adult…

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  1. This was excellent and so positive and courageous. I worked for a year in mental hospital day care centre with many bi-polar clients, I later worked at a research centre where experimental treatments of chronic depression were being studied. I had a two year battle with depression in my twenties (and have been lucky to have no further episodes). I wish Erin well.

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    1. It’s such a good article isn’t it? I think things are definitely improving but there are still so many misconceptions and stereotypes around mental health issues, particularly around bipolar, depression and OCD. Good, honest articles like this go a long way towards dispelling all those myths.


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