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Part Three of the Wild Water Series 
The tragedy and comedy that is Jack’s life; a dangerous web of lies concludes a bitter-sweet end.
Jack Redman, estate agent to the Cheshire set and someone who’s broken all the rules. An unlikely hero or a misguided fool?
In this sequel to Dark Water, Jack and Anna must face the consequences of their actions. As the police close in and Patsy’s manipulative ways hamper the investigations, will Jack escape unscathed?
With her career in tatters and an uncertain future, Anna has serious decisions to make. Her silence could mean freedom for Jack, but an emotional prison for herself. Is remaining silent the ultimate test of faith, or is it end of the line for Jack and Anna?

This is the third in Jan Ruth’s ‘Wild Water’ series and Jack is back and in more trouble than ever. You do need to have read the first two books to really get the most out of this, but they are such lovely books to read that it’s really no hardship!

Set mainly in the beautiful Welsh countryside, the author does a fantastic job of making the reader feel that they are there in the mountains. The settings are beautifully drawn and show the love that Jan Ruth obviously has for the places she describes. But it’s not all picturesque mountains and beautiful scenery. Ruth can capture the essence of a wet, pre-Christmas weekend in a small town equally well.

The characters are realistic, warm (for the most part!) and definitely drawn from real life. Jack and Anna want nothing more than to forget the incident with Simon Banks and to move on with their lives, but as suspicions mount (fuelled by the fabulously portrayed bitter ex-wife Patsy) tensions between them fester and grow. And this time it’s serious, as not only is their relationship at stake, but Jack is facing the very real threat of being accused of murder. Added to this are the everyday trials and tribulations of coping with the inevitable problems children (of all ages) bring with them, and the stresses of dealing with an ex-wife who is still pulling all the strings.

Jack is such a likeable character, the real star of the books. His best intentions are often doomed to failure, and his frustration comes across really well. You desperately want him to succeed; to find the happiness he deserves, and it’s the mark of a talented writer for a reader to feel so strongly about a character.

As with the previous books, Lottie, Jack’s pre-teen daughter, is a joy.Funny, entertaining, outrageous at times, her fragility is evident behind the showing–off, and that mix of emotions is another strength of the writing.

This is a perfect book for a quiet day with your feet up – in fact I recommend the whole series.

4 stars



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