Day: June 9, 2016

#BookReviews & Bags of Babble lead to success for @ShelleyWilson72

Rosie Amber

Shelley Wilson Brings Us All Inspiration.

Interviewed by Douglas McPherson for the June 2016 issue of  Writer’s Forum, Shelley is the first to admit that when she is nervous or excited she will babble away none stop, we love the enthusiastic babble. In the article Shelley tells us about how a blogging idea lead to her book. Today I want to remind readers about one of Shelley’s books and share with you Shelley’s experience.

“How I Changed My Life In A Year”

I read Shelley’s book in September 2014 and posted my review which Shelley talks about in the interview;

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Book Description

Straight-talking, honest and with touches of humour, Shelley Wilson shares her journey as she sets out to prove that being a 40-something, single mum with back fat and grey hairs isn’t the end of life as we know it.

From fighting flab to writing a 50,000 word novel in 30…

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