The Negative Book Review and Appropriate Author Reactions

Excellent post about reviews – agree with every word.


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I read something recently that made me chuckle. It was a how-to article about ways to preview an Amazon e-book before purchasing. The Look Inside feature was outlined as well as the option to download a preview before buying. The writer went on to explain that if a book was offered free, she simply downloaded it because what was there to lose. It’s free. She took umbrage at people who think they have a right to complain about not liking a free book. It’s free, people. Come on.

Free or otherwise, readers reserve the right to always have and sometimes, to even express that opinion in the form of a review.

From my close observation of writers … they fall into two groups. 1) Those who bleed copiously and visibly at any bad review and 2) Those who bleed copiously and secretly at any bad review. (Isaac Asimov)

What is…

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  1. I just don’t understand what is the big deal. Don’t writers know it is impossible to please everyone? Don’t they look at celebrities and realise that for every fan there is a hater, or simply just as many who aren’t interested one way or the other? Bad reviews hurt, but we have to get over it. I got a 1 star review for one of my books from someone who never read it, just because they couldn’t download it. An Amazon issue, nothing to do with me. Crazy huh? Where is the logic?

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      1. Exactly. I did ask Amazon to look into it but as yet, months later, nothing’s happened. I wonder if he managed to download a copy in the end. I noticed all his other reviews were quite negative, so maybe he’s just a troll.

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