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My review of Beaux Cooper’s ‘Dust’ for #RBRT

Rosie Amber

Today’s team review comes from Alison, she blogs at

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Alison has been reading Dust by Beaux Cooper


This is a really tricky review to write, because this novel has real potential to be a beautiful, engaging and enjoyable read, and the writer also has the ability and talent to write well. However, the novel has been completely let down by the editing.

The novel tells the story of Austen, a woman dissatisfied by life, by her husband in particular, who needs to find out what she wants from life. She makes the brave decision to go and work on a ranch in Wyoming. This is a really interesting idea – there is potential for drama, humour, and an investigation into relationships, character and what makes people tick. I’m convinced the author is capable of this, as her characters are warm and could be developed into something really special. She…

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  1. I recently wrote a couple of blog posts on “Writing Dialogue that Works” (see links below) and how to make characters speak so that their words are believable. This review just reminded me of the fact that it happens so often where books are let down by unbelievable dialogue.

    Much of description needs to be left in the narration because the characters themselves already know that background information, so it would be redundant for them to say aloud. This, along with many other no-nos, ruins the flow of the story and it’s characters.

    Here are my two posts on writing dialogue that works: and

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