#BookReview The Black Hours by Alison Williams #Historical #Crime

Absolutely thrilled with this review of The Black Hours – thank you Shelley!

Shelley Wilson Author


Author:Alison Williams

Published: February 2014

Pages: 277

Category: Historical/Crime/Mystery

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


I recently read a favourable review for Blackwater, Alison William’s second book and prequel to The Black Hours. The review was a glowing testament to the authors writing and research. I probably should have started with that novel, but I have an OCD obsession with watching and reading in the order things are published (I can only re-watch Star Wars by starting with episode four!). So I downloaded The Black Hours and began reading.

Set in 1647, this novel describes the threats faced by women who are labelled by society – and by that I mean their neighbours and friends – to be witches. I’ve always been fascinated by the witch trials both here and in the US, so how I’d missed this book upon publication, I…

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