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I’m on the lovely Marcia Meara’s blog today talking about the inspiring Harper Lee.

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FFGB Graphic

2016 has been a pretty rubbish year so far. My morning routine begins with a cup of coffee and the online version of the morning papers. After the last few weeks however, I’m quite frightened to read the latest news as it seems that almost every day someone I admire or who has influenced me or been a part of my life has died. I don’t need to mention how devastated I was at the loss of David Bowie, possibly the biggest love of my life after my family (but if you want to wallow in my misery along with me you can read my blog post here), but he is unfortunately only the tip of the iceberg.

The world of music has already lost the irreplaceable Bowie, and he’s been joined by Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner, singer Black, Glenn Frey of The Eagles and Mott the Hoople drummer Dale…

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