Day: December 15, 2015

Meanwhile life is tough for many refugees in Europe #refugeecrisis

The terrible plight of these people seems to have dropped out of the news lately – as Christmas approaches and the weather gets colder, this is a timely reminder that the suffering goes on.


Europe-migrant-Greece-media-015_m (AFP Photo / Anwar Amro)

As we approach Christmas and fill ourselves with mulled wine and mince pies, please let’s not forget about the situation in the EU border countries.

Europe-migrant-Greece-media-344_m (AFP Photo / Anwar Amro)

Dodgy rubber dinghies sink or leave people swimming ashore, stranded in soaking wet clothes in ever cooling temperatures.

Here is a harrowing blog post – if you think the refugees are safe and being taken care of, think again.

A warning: the images there are quite upsetting.

That is of course because the situation, despite all the volunteer work and the help from great human beings, is upsetting.12208626_10153176198846641_7816030940353918374_nWith more bombs dropped on their country, we are unlikely to see a decline of refugee numbers. They urgently need clothes, food, shelter and our love. #humanitarian aid

Remember BandAid (The only gift they get this year is Life!)

USA for Africa (We are the World…it’s…

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