Completely impractical gifts for writers. (You know you want them!)

Just a few hints…

Barb Taub

The brilliant Robin Rivera over at the always-entertaining just did a post on 5 Unique and Practical Gifts for Writers. I urge my fellow writers to print it out and casually leave it lying around places where those in charge of your gift buying are most likely to stumble across it—say, glued to their wallet, car keys, computer screen, forehead, or that stash of Ben & Jerry’s Joy to the Swirled that they think you don’t know is hidden under that old box of breaded okra cutlets.

But what gifts should writers give to other writers? Practical gifts are out, of course, because if writers were practical…well, they certainly wouldn’t be writers. [see:It’s (still) not personal… It’s the (writing) business.] Luckily, there are a lot of absolutely senseless gifts to gladden the heart of any writer.

For example:

For the grammar nazis among us (we know who we are), there are the in jokes like this one from Signals Catalog. For the grammar nazis among us (we know who we are)…

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