#Cliffhangers, #Trope-busters, & TMI: a rant

Couldn’t have put it better myself – so I won’t try 🙂

Barb Taub

There are some things I love about reviewing books by new authors. They offer fresh concepts, unexpected plot twists, trope-busting characters. But—and as a relatively new author myself, I know how seductive this can be—they are also vulnerable to the dubious warnings of They say. They say you should leave audiences wanting more, They say a cliffhanger makes people want to buy the next book in the series. They say show/don’t tell. They say write to your genre and your audience.

And okay—in the hands of a great writer, that works really well. In the hands of writers who are just uncertain enough, just desperate enough to follow that “expert”advice, you get… at least two-thirds of the books sent to me for review. On the off-chance that writers choose not to write the next Fifty Shades or Game of Thrones, I would like to suggest the following:

  1. Busting a trope? Go for broke! [image credit: http://lagooncompany.wikia.com/wiki/File:Yolanda.jpeg]Busting…

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