Why writing fiction really matters

All you writers and readers out there – this is why writing matters. Please help Nick reach his target, any donation can really make a difference 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“Insert!” He extended his foot…
“You sound like a Borg.” … and wriggled his toes into the sock. “That would make me a cyborg.” He paused. I could see the wheels turning. “That’s it…my recovery… the screwdriver must have damaged the wiring… and the nano-bots have been busy with repairs…”

He stopped as I sighed… to be fair, it wasn’t a bad analogy. Most of Nick’s problems are caused by faulty wiring. He is fitter than most, carries not an ounce of fat and is all muscle. Even so, there are a few of the moving parts that don’t function as well as they should, in spite of the incredible recovery he has made so far.

His eyes are one of them. And that had hit hard. Nick had always been an avid reader, sharing my ‘library’ and devouring fantasy and science fiction. Being unable to hold and read a…

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  1. Thank you once again, Alison. The hidden side of this campaign is the effect that the support is having for my son. For example, his speech was affected by the attack and he has always felt self conscious about the ‘new’ voice, even though he is once again an articulate and interesting conversationalist. The effect of such wonderful support from the blogging community has touched his self confidence… to the point where it seems he will be accepting an invitation to speak on BBC radio 🙂 Now it is me who is lacking words 🙂

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      1. I may burst 🙂
        Every parent worries about their children’s safety… something like this is a worst nightmare situation… but what has come of it is beautiful in so many ways.

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