The f-bomb, cheating, and #FridayFiveChallenge from @rosieamber1

Great pick from Barb for the Friday Five Challenge

Barb Taub

Why I’m going to cheat.

So, we decided to go to Spain for the summer. The plan was that without any distractions, I would finish writing my current book, and hopefully, get a good start on the next one. Only, here’s the thing. Despite all the advice to writers to turn off the internet, nobody really does that. At least, nobody from Seattle. In Seattle, home of Mama Starbucks, Aunty Amazon, and the Evil Empire, we have two god-given inalienable rights: good coffee and strong network connections. 24/7. No exceptions.

So when we arrived in our purposely rural little rental villa (two days and much car failure late, but that’s a story for the next blog), the first thing I did was check for the promised wifi. (I had emergency backup Starbucks with me, of course. Duh…) Our lovely hosts don’t speak English. Nada. My Spanish is limited to the…

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