Day: July 13, 2015

What makes a good review? What makes a good reviewer?

A great interview with Rosie Amber that’s a must read for anyone who wants a review for their book.


rosie amber 1Reviewers have probably never been so important. They have always been the life blood of an author’s career,but they are no longer the sole preserve of the ‘professional’, the paid contributor to a newspapers literary pages. A new kind of democracy has grown up with the internet where the amateur (aka the reader) can play an important role whether on Amazon’s pages or on their own blog

I read reviews if I’m going to buy a new vacuum cleaner or a new book from an author I haven’t read before. I read the best reviews and the worst and very often they help me to make up my mind. But sometimes it will say more about the person who wrote it than it does about the product under focus. I don’t like gush. It’s easy to say a book or a cleaner is awesomely wonderful, and much harder to…

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