Shoot the American, penis cake, snickerdoodles, & #FourthOfJuly. #FridayFiveChallenge from @rosieamber1

Fabulous Fourth of July/Friday 5 post. A red, white and blue penis cake – who’d have thought? 🙂

Barb Taub

They just don’t get the Fourth of July here in the UK. Go figure.

My friend Hamish invited me to join him for his archery club’s annual competition on Sunday in which they shoot the American. He is planning to dress as a Confederate officer for the event, but all are encouraged to come in “outrageous” American dress.

Hamish Robertson of Glasgow Archers at last year's shooting of the American.Hamish Robertson of Glasgow Archers at last year’s shooting of the American.

Sadly—because I can think of a number of Americans who would make excellent targets—he explained that “The American” refers to a form of competition in which arrows are shot at specified distances (2 ½ dozen at 60 yds, 2 ½ dozen at 50 yds, and 2 ½ dozen at 40 yds).

For more information, see more information, see

It’s probably just as well that I won’t be able to attend. This is Glasgow after all, so I think it’s pretty likely there will be copious amounts of…

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