Day: July 1, 2015

Wednesday Wing…..Google+ posts tips on social networking #wwwblogs

More great advice from Rosie Amber:

Rosie Amber

Welcome to my new feature called Wednesday Wing where I’ll be passing on

observations, tips and information to readers I’ve made a note of.

Rosie's Notebook

Today I’m passing on a tip about using Google+

Having a presence on Google+ is important for authors/ writers, the whole google search engine is one of the largest and commonly used, so Team Google is a good bet.

If you are trying to get more traffic to your blog, books etc and you have a google+ account then I think it really needs to be set up for PUBLIC sharing.

When I go to share a post on google+ and I get a message, “This post was shared privately”, then I don’t share it and you’ve LOST potential visibility.

Make sure you have the box below your Google+ post showing a GREEN “Public” for who the post is going to if it’s a post about…

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