Wednesday Wing….Creating a Slide show on your blog #wwwblogs

Really useful post from Rosie Amber:

Rosie Amber

Welcome to my new feature called Wednesday Wing where I’ll be passing on

observations, tips and information to readers I’ve made a note of.

Rosie's Notebook

Today I’m passing on a tip about creating a slideshow on your WordPress blog. This can create a new dimension to a post.

It can be inserted into a post or set up with a widget on your side bar.

A slideshow as part of your post (using pictures already in your media library)

  1. When writing your post, go to the “add media” button on the top of your draft.
  2. At top left of screen click on “Create Gallery”
  3. Click on all the photo’s you wish to use in your show from your media library
  4. At the bottom right of the screen, click on “Create New Gallery” – the chosen pictures appear and can be moved in a new order, add captions if required.
  5. At the right…

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  1. Rosie is my hero for providing tips like this. Now your followers will thank you too. I love the feature and have it on my blog, but in starting a second one couldn’t remember the steps. A timely gift from you and Rosie. THANKS.

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