Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Alison reviews My Grandfather’s Eyes by @BevSpice

My review of B A Spicer’s beautifully crafted novel ‘My Grandfather’s Eyes’ on Rosie Amber’s blog today.

Rosie Amber

Today’s team review is from Alison, she blogs at


Alison chose to read and review My Grandfather’s Eyes by Bev Spicer


My Grandfather’s Eyes by B.A. Spicer

Alex Crane is the narrator of this dark, clever and extremely well-written book. This novel is completely different o anything I have read for a long time, disturbing and fascinating, Alex’s story is one that tests your sympathies to the limit.

Alex has moles. This might seem a simple thing but they, in some way, define her. She bears them proudly, refusing to be ashamed, refusing to accept the place in society that they should, in others eyes, confine her to. Her mother’s revulsion shapes her too and she grows up to love with passion, particularly her best friend Lizzie, who remains frustratingly out of reach, and to disdain, or at least discount, those who don’t rouse this passion in her –…

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