Only the masses can get rid of the asses.

I make no apologies for using my blog for political reasons today – your vote in this election is hugely important if you want a fairer society. This post says it all and it’s why I’m voting Labour today (as well as the fact that our local (Conservative) MP is Maria Miller!).

Thought Scratchings

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 00.10.41

This post is to all not voting on Thursday. To all those who think the future of everyone in the UK is less important than farting their way through another episode of Eastenders while slurping iron jugs of milk and chomping through three packets of Foxes biscuits. If the world ends it’s all your fault: you lazy ignorant shark breast.

Banks and corporations have created a culture of profit before anything else. Billionaire tax dodgers are operating within the law, the bankers who plunged us into economic disaster are collecting bonuses when they should be in prison, “politicians” are rigging expenses and our “leaders” would masturbate over each other on live television if their advisors told them it would win votes.

We are governed by slugs created in the slime of our apathy.

Look around. Open your fat eyes big bones. Day by day, those who have nothing are attacked…

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