Review: Secrets of the Heart – Adrienne Vaughan

secrets of the heart

This is book three in The Heartfelt series, and is a great end to the trilogy. We are back in Innishmahon, catching up with Marianne, Ryan and co. and of course Monty the dog. The island is hit by another storm, putting the bridge-building project at risk. So Marianne and the islanders do what they do best – they band together, pull a few strings, call in some favours and raise the funds themselves. But there’s more than that going on – the island’s inhabitants have lots of secrets and the author does a great job of revealing all, tying up loose ends and bringing the series to a satisfying conclusion – though this is bittersweet in that it’s a shame there won’t be more from Innishmahon.

This is definitely recommended for a relaxing read and some pure escapism. The characters and the island itself feel like old, comfortable friends. A perfect antidote to January!

4.5 out of 5

Buy a copy here

Read my review of ‘The Hollow Heart’ here along with an interview with Adrienne.



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