Day: October 13, 2014

This time I knew it was going to hurt

A thought-provoking post from Barb Taub’s blog – and one I wholeheartedly agree with.

Barb Taub

WARNING: This is not my usual humor or review post topic. The following contains graphic language and content. 

Give it to me.”

The first time I heard it was on a date. Still in high school, I was flattered and thrilled when the guy I met at the dance said he was already in college. We went out a few times, group things like football games and friends’ parties. He asked me to dinner, and after the pizza said he wanted to swing by his parents’ house. When we got there, he acted surprised that nobody was home, but invited me in anyway. The necking was almost immediately rough. I said I needed to go home, and the next thing I knew we were on the floor, my hands trapped, and his teeth biting hard, mashing into my mouth. I tried to shout, but my voice came out in a…

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