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Rosie’s Book review Team #RBRT Cathy reviews The Black Hours by Alison Williams

Thanks so much for the lovely review Cathy, and thanks Rosie for you wonderful blog 🙂

Rosie Amber

Today’s review comes from team member Cathy, she blogs at


Cathy chose to read and review The Black Hours by Alison Williams

The Black Hours - Alison Williams The Black Hours – Alison Williams

Here is Cathy’s review;

Having been born and brought up in Lancashire, the home of the Witches of Pendle, this book was of particular interest. Never thinking much of it as children, apart from trips to Pendle Hill and as something with which to scare each other, it was only as an adult the atrocities, the true horror and suffering were realised.

There has obviously been an enormous amount of research gone into this story and to have the narrative from the Witchfinder’s point of view as well as Alice Pendle’s makes for an even bigger impact. Added to that the fact that Matthew Hopkins is not a fictional character but was indeed a Witchfinder General, although this seems to have…

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Guest author June Kearns—coming home to a place you’ve never been before

A great interview with June Kearns, author of ‘The 20’s Girl, the Ghost and All That Jazz’ – a fabulous read and thoroughly recommended (and I agree about Harrison Ford!)

Barb Taub

It’s extremely rare for me to write to another author and ask permission to review their work. But when I read June Kearns’ The 20’s Girl, the Ghost, and All That Jazz, I immediately asked her to be my guest here so we could talk about her books. (Okay, first I grabbed An Englishwoman’s Guide to the Cowboy because I just couldn’t resist. Then I asked June. Don’t judge me.)

My review follows, but first please join me in welcoming June.

  1. Star War, Star Trek, or Starfly? Star Wars – the start of a long love-affair with Harrison Ford
  2. anigif_enhanced-buzz-orig-3691-1371763000-26Who would you most like to sit next to on an airplane?I’d like to sit between the Dalai Lama and Pope Francis. All that wisdom and serenity would stop me worrying about being suspended thousands of miles above the earth in the tummy of a big metal bird.
  3. Who would…

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Alison reviews Round and Round by TerryTyler

My 5 star review of Terry Tyler’s ‘Round and Round’ courtesy of the lovely Rosie Amber’s blog 🙂

Rosie Amber

Today we have a review from Book Review Team Member Alison, she blogs at


Alison chose to read and review Round and Round by Terry Tyler.

Round and Round by Terry Tyler Round and Round by Terry Tyler

Here is her review.

Round and Round

Sophie is feeling less than satisfied with her life and with her boyfriend who has developed an interesting new ‘hobby’ – one that she wants no part of. As her fortieth birthday approaches, Sophie thinks back to 1998, the year she received four Valentine’s cards and the year she had to make a choice – but did she make the right one? Feeling alone, now that her beloved Aunt Flick has died, her best friend is miles away and her mother is as being as judgemental and unhelpful as ever, Sophie questions her decisions and wonders what might have been. But Aunt Flick isn’t about to let a little thing…

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Rosie’s Book Review Team #RBRT Alison reviews Twilight’s Indian Princess by Margaret Langstaff

My review of ‘Twilight’s Indian Princess’ on Rosie Amber’s blog. A great short read and recommended.

Rosie Amber

Our review today comes from Book Review Team Member Alison, she blogs at


Alison has been reading Twilight’s Indian Princess by Margaret Langstaff

Twilight's Indian Princess

Here is her review.

Twilight’s Indian Princess

This is a well-written novella with moments of stunning prose and an intriguing central character. Busy teacher and mum Sarah is looking forward to some well-deserved time to herself – time that is marked by an empty block on a calendar that is normally chock-a-block with responsibilities, appointments and promises. She is a woman that most of us will see some of ourselves in – spreading our time too thinly, making promises that we wish we hadn’t, loading ourselves up with commitments that leave us rushing around craving a few moments of silence and solitude. But Sarah’s planned ‘me time’ doesn’t pan out how she, or we, imagined.

I must admit that I was left feeling a little confused…

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