Day: December 5, 2013

#jackspetition Day 2: 91,186 people have signed so far – please carry on sharing!

Can we get this petition to 100,000? It’s a vitally important issue. Thank you!



At the end of day 2, #jackspetition has a staggering 91,186 signatures, and some great public figures coming out in support of the campaign. Let me know if there’s any that I’ve missed, but I noticed:

Jane Czyzelska (editor, Diva Magazine), John Prescott, and son David Prescott, Caroline Lucas, Natalie Bennett, The Robin Hood Tax team, Paul Heaton, Church Action On Poverty, The Trussell Trust, Oxfam, Unite, the i newspaper, and the Daily Mirror … And that’s just a few I can see at a glance on my Twitter feed!

So please keep signing and sharing, even if you’ve shared it already, please do so again – this is an absolutely phenomenal response and sends a very clear message to the Government that we want answers. Don’t let them wriggle out of it. The bigger this is, the harder it will be for them to ignore.

Thankyou all so much…

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