Day: November 22, 2013

Review – Thores-Cross by Karen Perkins



Looking for a ghost story with a difference? Love historical fiction about everyday people? Or just want a gripping, well-told tale? Then try ‘Thores-Cross’ by Karen Perkins.

I must admit that I was drawn to this novel as it concerns a subject close to my heart, tackling as it does the issue of the persecution of a suspected witch.  To this premise Karen adds a twist – the 18th Century protagonist Jennet reaches through the centuries for justice, drawing Emma, a modern day writer, into her quest for revenge.

Thores-Cross is extremely well-written, with just enough description to set the scenes without becoming bogged-down. Karen uses her obvious local knowledge, together with thorough research, to paint an authentic picture. She uses the dialect of the area cleverly to add to the atmosphere, but it never becomes jarring or distracting. There is plenty of period detail too. The characters are well-drawn and believable, even though the tale itself is supernatural. The two narratives work really well together and are linked in a very clever way – the two strands gradually coming together as the tension builds.  You feel Emma’s frustration and fear as she is drawn further into Jennet’s tale and further away from her reality and the people she loves. The narrative flows well, keeping the reader gripped all the way through to the end. Thores-Cross is a real page-turner and adds something different to both the historical fiction and the supernatural genres.

I can definitely recommend Thores-Cross – find it here.


5 stars