Prompt, professional, and extremely thorough.’

Elle Vaughn, Author: ‘Taming Anna’

‘Your input greatly improved my manuscript. I would wholeheartedly recommend your editorial services to others.’

Helen Kalmans, Author

‘You’re selling yourself short if you don’t use Alison as your editor.’

Quil Carter, Author: The Fallocaust Series

I am a UK-based writer, editor and independent novelist. I love reading and I love to write. These are the two great passions of my life.

I am a keen supporter of independent novelists. It frustrates me when a talented writer is held back or receives negative reviews because of typos or structural errors. If you have put a lot of time and effort, and indeed your heart and soul, into a book, then the last thing you want is for it to be criticised for errors that can be rectified with a professional edit of your work. Having self-published, I know how it is to be a writer, going through your  manuscript over and over again, and the frustration that results when you order a proof copy or check the online reviewer and come across errors that you somehow missed. The truth is that we don’t always see the mistakes we make because we are so familiar with the words we have written. This is where I can help. I can be the fresh pair of eyes that check and evaluate your work in an unbiased and supportive way. I have no wish to write your book for you, so I won’t try to alter your ‘voice’. And any recommendations that I make are just that – recommendations. It is entirely up to you whether you choose to use them or ignore them. It is your book, not mine.

I want your book to be the best it can be and I want you to hit that ‘publish’ button secure in the knowledge that you have done all you can to ensure that your work is up to standard. I will work with you to achieve that aim, giving honest and supportive feedback and suggestions along the way.

You can find out more about my editing services here.

Find out about my historical novels ‘Blackwater’ and ‘The Black Hours’ here.


  1. I always try to be detached when I proof read my own work. I always leave it for several hours as i know I’m more likely to spot places where tweeks can be made. My stories for A-Z are all around 200-300 words, and I try to make them more readable by laying them out in an attractive form. Whether or not I’m succeeding in this I don’t know! I’ll be following you. Your comments would be much appreciated!!

  2. I’ll reiterate stuff said above – I read Alison’s The Black Hours and it was, as another lady said, flawless. There are many authors-turned-editors and proofreaders who haven’t a clue and just see it as a money spinner. Alison is NOT one of those!!!!

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    Thank you for coming to my blog and liking my post “7Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging.” It was kind of her to reblog it and get an old post new visitors. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

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